paracelsusSchwedenbitter also known as Swedish Bitters can be traced back hundreds of years. In-fact the elixir has been found in the pharmacopeias since the Middle Ages with name variations of: Hierapicra composita, Tinctura aloes composita, and Species ad longam vitam. Paracelsus (1493-1541) also known as the “Luther of Medicine” developed Elixir Ad Longam Vitam which translates into “medicine for a long life”. The original elixir was formulated by Paracelsus of Swiss – German origin, but was left behind in an old manuscript that had been found 200 years later. The Elixir Ad Longam Vitam is formulated to harmonize all major internal organ functions and benefit the entire body.

In the 17th century Dr. Claus Samst and Dr. Urban Hjärne rediscovered what appeared to be the original elixir formula from Paracelsus “Elixir Ad Longam Vitam”. Dr. Urban Hjärne lived to be 83 and Dr. Claus Samst died from a riding accident and reported to have lived until the age of 104 years. Please note, in the 17th century, life expectancy was at the range of 20 – 40 years of age. After Dr. Claus Samst died the elixir was renamed Swedish Bitter (Schwedenbitter). Dr. Claus Samst created a manuscript describing some 46 problems Schwedenbitter has helped people over many centuries recover a better health and an healty waistline.



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